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As a professional Tourist Guide, I’m here to introduce you to the sights, sounds, and incredible experiences that await you on your travels. Explore my tour packages and get in touch if you have any questions.

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We are a fresh and ambitious team keen on performing to the height of excellence,  service and experience. we pride our business on safety and service that sets us apart from any other tour company.

Our competitors brags about giving customer experience but forget about service. Here at EXUMA PIG TOURS we put service  above all because we believe  experience comes naturally.


Our operations are based out of George Town, Exuma, Bahamas. Where our prestigious team are all natives. We are all well acquainted with the waters upon which our tours are operated on.  All of our members plays an important part in us achieving the best tours possible; our team consist of The Captain, His first mate, Our tech team and Our vessel "Little Monkey", she is a 35ft marlago that rides as smooth as a Cadillac :).

We Provide Service with a smile but above all we provide a friendly, safe, efficient, service for YOU!!!!!. 


You Deserve the Best Tour Around


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